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We(Roberto and Elisabetta) are both hiking guides. So it’s not a surprise to see “hiking” as the main activity that you can do from Adagio Guesthouse in Novaretto.  We brought more than 1200 people from 80 countries in more than 10 years of experience.

Check our website: www.trekking-alps.com

  • Hike directly from the guesthouse in a nice network of paths bringing you up to 2300 meters of Civrari peak.
  • With a car move in the Susa valley and visit hundreds of different paths up till 3500 meters and the border between Italy and France!


Via Ferrata

There are three beautiful Via Ferrata not far from Novaretto. None of them are very easy. All of them are spectacular!

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You can drive in 45 minutes to the big ski resort of Via Lattea in Oulx, You can drive in 1 hour in the beautiful skiresport of Montgenevre in France and you can take a train to Bardonecchia.

You can also do many ski touring or search for smaller ski resport where the day pass is 20 euro only like Prali or Frais.

If you like Ski Touring Turin offers hundreds of itineraries. If you need a mountain guide we will help you to find him/her.

Sessi Canyon

Enjoy the amazing Canyon of Sessi. Either way you can just go there and enjoy the white water swim in summer time or you can do a proper Canyoning descent with the help of a mountain guide. People come from france to do this marvellous Canyon which is 10 minutes walk from Adagio Guesthouse.

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Mountain Biking

If you are a Mountain Bike lover, Susa Valley it is a paradise. You can bike in the nearby hills near Almese and reach beautiful peaks in relativly easy roads. Or you can take the train and bike up to the ancient forts in the Alps, built when Italy and France were not in friendly relationship.

Rock Climbing

Caprie(the municipality of Novaretto) is famous in Turin area to be the closest possible Rock Climbing place to reach. From the guesthouse you can literally walk to several section with tens of climbing routes and several multi-pitch routes climbing up Rocca Bianca.



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If you need a description for this activity, you really have a problem and it’s better for you to come here and do nothing to re-explore yourself:)